Sunday, December 28, 2014

Slow Cooker

All recipe names below are direct links to the recipes on the referenced sites.

30 Whole30 Slow Cooker Recipes (Meatified)  
Beef & Pepper Soup (Paleo Leap)
Beef Carnitas Tacos (replace the corn tortillas) (Eat Live Run)
Brazilian Curry Chicken (PaleOMG)
Chicken & Mushroom Gravy (use arrowroot powder in place of cornstarch) (SkinnyMS)
Cheater Pork Stew (NomNomPaleo)
Chicken Cacciatore (replace wine) (Weight Watchers)
Chicken Stew with Plums, Carrots & Apples (A Squirrel In The Kitchen)
Chicken Tomato Soup, Creamy, Italian - Crockpot (Caramel Potatoes)
Chili, Crockpot (Paleo Newbie)
Chili Verde (AGirlWorthSaving)  
Coconut Chicken Curry - Crockpot (use arrowroot powder in place of cornstarch) (Tasty Kitchen)
Cranberry Pulled Pork in Sugar Pumpkins - Crockpot (This Mama Cooks)
Creamy Coconut Curry Chicken - Crockpot (The Iron You)
Creamy Crockpot Chicken & Tomato Soup (River North Paleo)
Creamy Italian Chicken Tomato Soup (Caramel Potatoes)
Creamy Lemon Chicken Kale Soup (AIP Lifestyle)
Crockpot Kabobs Kinda (Kill Fat Me)
Enchilada Chicken Stew (PaleOMG)
French Onion Soup (Zippity Do Dah Healthy Eating)
Ham & Potato Soup - Crockpot (Spend With Pennies)
Hamburger Stew - Slow Cooker (Food.UNL.EDU)
Greek Beef Stew (The Clothes Make The Girl)
Hamburger Stew - Slow Cooker (Food.UNL.EDU)
Kalua Pig (NomNom Paleo)
Mocha Rubbed Pot Roast (Stupid Easy Paleo)
Pork Carnitas with orange & jalapeno (Recipe Tin Eats)
Pork Chops - Slow Cooker (AllRecipes)
Potato Soup, Dinner - Crockpot (Brunch At Saks)
Pulled Pork - Crockpot (Civilized Caveman Cooking)
Roast Chicken & Gravy (slow cooker) (NomNom Paleo)
Slow Cooker Beef Carnitas (One Lovely Life)
Slow Cooker Beef Stew (Lexi's Clean Kitchen)
Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole (Once A Month Meals)
Slow Cooker Chicken Chili (Paleo Hacks)
Stuffed Pepper - Crockpot (FastPaleo) 
Stuffed Peppers, Paleo (Tastes of Lizzy T)
Super Bowl Chili (Meatified)
Sweet Potato Chili (Tastes of LizzyT website)
Sweet Potato Chili (Robb Wolf)
Sweet Potato Chili (Holley Fit)
Swiss Steak - Slow Cooker (Tastes of LizzyT)