Sunday, December 28, 2014

Condiments & Sauces

All recipe names below are direct links to the recipes on the referenced sites.


Almond Mayonnaise (omit maple syrup)  (Vegan in the Freezer)
A1 Steak Sauce (Everyday Maven) 
BBQ Sauce & Ketchup, Sweet Cherry (Zippity Do Dah Healthing Eating)
BBQ Sauce, Smoky (PaleoPrimate)
Black Olive Paste (Paleomantic)
Chipotle Aioli (Living Loving Paleo)
Crockpot Ghee (Zippity Do Dah Healthy Eating)
Dairy Free Butter (Predominantly Paleo)
Fresh Basil Pesto (Paleo Grubs)
Ghee - Homemade (on the stovetop) (TheHealthyFoodie)
Ghee (Indian Recipe) - Video (YouTube)     
Hoisin Sauce (Zippity Do Dah Healthy Eating)
Japanese Steakhouse Mayo (omit the sugar; use ghee not butter) (The Way To His Heart)
Ketchup, Banana [omit the rum, use appropriate oil, honey; replace soy sauce] (Serious Eats)
Ketchup - Crockpot (can be used as BBQ sauce as well) (ZippityDoDahHealthyEating)  
Ketchup, Homemade - 21DSD (Balanced Bites)
Ketchup, Kickass (The Clothes Make The Girl)
Mayo - video from Melissa Joulwan (TheClothesMakeTheGirl)
Mayonnaise, Avocado (Rubies & Radishes) 
Mayo - from the Whole30 folks (Whole30)   
Mayonnaise, Simmie's Foolproof (Zippity Do Dah Healthy Eating)
Mustard, simple (ChrisKresser)     
No-Mato Sauce (Shockingly Delicious)
Sriracha Sauce (use dates instead of honey) (NomNom Paleo)
Teriyaki Sauce (EatHealThrive) 
Tartar Sauce (Paleo Cupboard)
Worcestershire Sauce (Once A Month Meals)


Alfredo Sauce, Faux (Cauliflower-based) (use ghee and coconut milk as substitutes) (Pinch Of Yum)
Blistered Red Pepper & Almond Romesco Sauce  (Take Two Tapas)
Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce (StupidEasyPaleo)   
Chicken Alfredo (note: do not use optional dairy mentioned) (Primally Inspired) 
Chimichurri Sauce (Gutsy By Nature)
Chipotles in Adobo Sauce (Gluten Free Gigi)
Cran-Blackberry Sauce (omit honey/maple syrup & repl w/OJ or dates) (The Paleo Partridge)
Cran-Cherry Sauce (NomNom Paleo)
Herbed Gravy (NomNom Paleo)
Hollandaise Sauce (use ghee instead of butter) (
Marinara Sauce (made in part with sundried tomatoes)  (ChrisKresser) 
Pesto Sauce (AgainstAllGrain)   
Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce (Perchance To Cook)
Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce (Shape Healthy Eating)
Romesco Sauce (Taste Tickler)
Shrimp Cocktail Sauce (Crave Paleo)
Stir Fry Sauce, Best Ever (TheClothesMakeTheGirl)
Sunshine Sauce (The Clothes Make The Girl)